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    Jianzi, a traditional Chinese national sport, differs from games like peteca and indiaca in that players must maintain a heavy weighted shuttlecock in the air without the use of their hands. It was derived from Cuju, a different traditional Chinese sport. In Chinese, Cu means "to kick," and Ju designates a particular kind of leather ball.

    Jianzi, an age-old sport that was invented in China in the fifth century BC, is becoming more and more well-liked both in Asia and outside. It is thought to have originated as an ancient military activity known as Ti Jian Zi, which translates to "kicking shuttlecock," and as it expanded around Asia, it took on new titles. It is the national sport of Vietnam and is referred to as đá cầu. Before arnis took its place as the national sport in December 2009, it was known as sipa in the Philippines.

    This game's goal is to keep the shuttlecock in the air without using your hands or arms. A more formal competition framework, comparable to badminton, has recently developed on the court. Each team's goal is to have the shuttlecock land on the other team's court as they are separated by a net. It can be played also artistically, among a circle of players in a street or park, with the objective to keep the shuttle 'up' and show off skills.

    Four equal-length goose or duck feathers are used as the game's equipment, and they are fastened to a base made of plastic or rubber. It is between 15 and 21 centimeters long and weighs 15 and 25 grams.

    Jianzi is not just a popular pastime in China, but it is also a competitive activity that has appeared on the country's movie screens. At the fifth National Sports Congress in Nanjing in 1933, the first national jianzi tournament was held. The Flying Feather, a 1961 film, was so well received that it was awarded a gold medal at an international film festival.

    The 2003 Southeast Asian Games featured the activity, which is continuing to gain popularity. China, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Laos, Vietnam, Greece, France, Romania, and Serbia are all ISF members.

    Playing shuttlecock is a vigorous aerobic exercise, and provides the health benefits of any active sport. It also helps to build hand-eye coordination. Competition fosters teamwork, agility, quick thinking, and self-overcoming abilities. Beautiful artistic work requires both solid 토토사이트 skills and originality. Freestyle is open to all participants, regardless of age or location, whether they are playing with friends or family to have a pleasant sporting time.