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    Synchronized swimming is a game where a group of athletes perform dance steps in combination with swimming. The dance is performed according to the tune played in the background. 


    Eggbeater - All the synchronized swimmers must have a clear idea about the eggbeater skill. It is one of the most fundamental skills in this sport. In this skill, a swimmer can attain stability and reach a height above the water. Then she can leave the hands free to perform other acts. An athlete can reach as much height as possible but the average height is around chest level.


    Sculls - To scull upside down: your back is straight and your bust pulled inwards. Your forearms are bent almost at a right angle. You then make a to-and-fro movement with your hands. Like a pair of scissors! And as fast as possible. Start in front of your sternum, and go as far as the sides of your body, while staying well aligned.


    Rules in Synchronized Swimming


    *Only women compete in artistic swimming. Each competition has two heats which are performed to music. 

    *There are two routines, free routine and technical routine.

    *Technical routine is strictly according to the certain elements, while the Free routine is free to be performed to show their creativity in dancing, choreography and coordination

    *No touching the bottom, one of the things which makes the lifts all the more impressive are not allowed

    *No Goggles


    Synchronized swimming is a combination of swimming 일본야동  and dancing that you can highly do whatever your skills in dancing.



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