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    It is a competition between people skateboarding, usually on a designated course or ramp. Competitions may take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the style of skateboarding. Some tricks are performed in a bowl, while others take place on the street. In many cases, skateboard competitions are about showing off the most complicated tricks to perform. Many competitions are hosted by skateboard manufacturers as an advertising gimmick to boost the popularity of their brand with skateboarders. The winners of these competitions may end up with trophies, prizes, or endorsement deals. Skateboard competition winners may also get noticed by various sponsors.

    The most prominent skateboard competitions have only existed for a few decades. In fact, the first recorded skateboarding competition happened in 1975 at the Ocean Festival in Del Mar, California. But the most prominent competition today is the X Games, although there are many other popular contests. These are usually open only to invited boarders or those who have won qualifying competitions. The X Games, which began in 1995, are held twice per year, and focus on extreme sports including not only skateboarding but also motocross, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Currently, the four skateboard categories include vert, street, big air, and SuperPark.

    As much of a rebellious sport that skateboarding seems to be, there are different styles of skating with different written and unwritten rules. Some of these are: Athletes under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets. The contest director will not start the competition if skaters required to wear helmets are not wearing them. For all run and trick attempts, skaters are given five seconds to start after the starter's signal. If the skater purposefully does not begin their run or trick attempt within five seconds, they will lose the opportunity to be scored on that attempt at the discretion of the contest director. If a skater who has qualified for the final cannot start the final, he/she/they are not replaced and will be ranked last in the final. If a skater is disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior before the start of the final, the next highest ranked non-qualified skater will advance. 

    Skateboarding is an amazing activity that is hugely 토토 beneficial for participants' balance, concentration, fitness, and creativity. It is also a green-friendly and fun way to travel short distances. It is essential to internalize the very basics of skateboarding since the sport can possibly be dangerous if done without caution.